December 31, 2004

All's Fair

Sweet One received an early Christmas gift of a stereo of her own with a five CD changer. She was thrilled.

A few days ago, I walked in the door and Sweet One greeted me with hysterics because the CD changer tray neither opened nor closed, but was stuck half-open.

My older child was convinced it was the work of my younger child.

As I tried to remain calm to determine the extent of the damage, Sweet One continued to yell and scream and get in my face. I gave her a stern warning to back off, but she continued demanding what I was going to do to Wee One.

Because of her absolute lack of respect for me, Sweet One received the first spanking from me she had had in years.

I then turned my attention to Wee One and asked her if she had broken her sister's stereo. She nodded yes and whispered she was sorry. She also received a spanking for entering her sister's room without permission and breaking something that did not belong to her.

After we all calmed down, a second look at the stereo revealed Wee One had managed to shove no less than twenty-two CDs into the stereo. After all twenty-two CDs were successfully removed, the stereo worked beautifully.

The next time Wee One saw her father, she ran up to him and informed him that she had received a spanking for breaking her sister's stereo. Then she added in a gleeful voice that her sister had also received a spanking for telling "Mommy what to do."

With absolute sincerity, she stated: "Nobody tells Mommy what to do."

It would appear my four-year-old has her thumb on the pulse of power.

Posted by Christina at December 31, 2004 10:24 PM

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