November 17, 2006


The lights flickered, breaking her concentration. She blinked hard, and looked to the large expanse of windows on her right. Lightning danced across the inky sky over the lake. She strained to hear thunder through the howling wind, satisfied the storm she'd been oblivious to was still a safe distance away from her secluded home on the point.

Looking back to the canvas in front of her, her head cocked slightly to the right, she appraised her work. Eyes moving methodically, she frowned to see so much detail lost to shadows.

Frustrated, she sighed loudly, not understanding why her recent paintings had become so dark and forboding. She was tempted to destory the canvas, as she had the three before it, but Jonathon had assured her that such work would make an intriguing contrast to her previous pieces, making them highly desirable.

She pushed her stool away from her easel, and wiped her hands on the rag tucked into the back pocket of her old jeans. The moment she stood, the room was plunged into darkness. She remained motionless, waiting for a flash of lightning to help her orient herself. Her heart was pounding as she listened to the wind-driven rain tapping loudly against the windows.

After a full minute in total darkness, she turned away from the easel, extending her hands in front of her at waist height. Breathing deeply through her mouth, she imagined the layout of the loft. The old wooden work table would be a few feet in front of her, the desk she'd inherited from her great-grandfather to the right of the table. She knew the flashlight was in the bottom left drawer, as well as spare batteries. In her six months on the point she had learned the hard way to be prepared for frequent power outtages.

Walking slowly, she felt her way to the table, the paint brushes in the old glass jar clanking loudly when her right hand nearly knocked the jar over. Blinking hard, she turned to her right and took several steps towards her desk.

She gasped loudly, stopping in mid-stride when she felt something warm and wet on the bottoms of the toes of her right foot. Senses heightened, she noticed the slight metallic smell, and shuddered with fear.

A flash of lightning close to the point made her jump, her head reflexively turning to the windows. Her eyes had less than a second to register the reflection of a dark figure standing between herself and the desk, close enough for her to reach out and touch. She opened her mouth to scream, but her voice was silent.

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