September 27, 2005


Mom and I are home.

Susan's mom decided to wait it out for a few more days. She emphatically stated she was not ready to leave yet. Poor Susan. She's been worried sick; however, sometimes we just can't make these parents do what we think they need to do.

The word disaster is so inadequate to describe what so many are experiencing first hand.

When my brain is functioning better, perhaps, I will attempt to describe some of the things I saw.

So many thanks are in order. I felt each of your thoughts and well wishes and when I was scared, I knew you guys were pulling for us.

I simply cannot put in words how very much I appreciate each of you.

Thank you.

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September 25, 2005

A Little Help, Please

My mom and my best friend's (Susan's) mom are in DeRidder, Louisiana, a small town just above Lake Charles.

I have confirmed with the local electric company they will be out of power for two to three weeks.

Cameron and Lake Charles have been laid to waste.

I'm told by people there that DeRidder looks like a war zone.

My mom is freaking out a bit. While she has weathered many storms, none have come this close or caused this much damage. Then, there's that thing about being alone without my father (he died in December) standing over her to tell her what to do.

Susan's sister also lives in DeRidder and her house took a tree through the roof. Her mom took a tree to a shed.

Susan and I have been networking trying to figure out the next step. We need to get both of our moms out of the area until the power comes back on. There's still major power outages and gas shortages from Houston to Lafayette with roads also being closed through Houston, Beaumont, and Lake Charles.

If Susan's uncle from Tyler, a police officer, is not able to get enough gas to them in the next day or so, I will put together a truck with enough extra gas cans to take to the back roads to head that way. Both my mom's vehicles have gas we can syphon once I get there.

If anyone is between Houston and Lake Charles, please speak up and let me know what the gas situation is where you are.

Many thanks.

P.S. I'm also checking into getting a flight out of Alexandria to San Antonio for her.

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September 20, 2005

Rumor has it...

While not here, I have been posting over here with one of my good friends.

I have no comment as to the possible random "sightings" elsewhere.


Hope everyone is well and fine!

Take care.

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