November 25, 2008

This Holiday Season...

We are going to do things a bit differently.

First of all, Christimas morning at our house is far less the chaotic affair of my childhood. Notably absent will be the mad dash to rip open as many gifts as quickly as possible that I remember from long ago.

When the older daughter was still a small child, we would wake extra early to turn on the tree lights and prepare the cameras before quietly creeping into her room and gently waking her. Sweet One has never been a morning person, but she would instantly pop up and excitedly scramble into the living room to see what Santa had left for her.

Sweet One was almost eight when Wee One was born (three days before Christmas). Thereafter, both girls would wake early, slide quietly past the tree on their way to our room to rouse us.

First thing in the morning they are allowed to play with their Santa gifts. Because I have always insisted on spending Christmas at home, we generally have breakfast and wait for whatever family may be joining us to open the other gifts; however, once distributed, all gifts are opened one at a time so everyone can see and appreciate each and every one in front of all.

This was important to me because not only did I need to know to whom and for what we needed to send Thank You cards, but I wanted to enjoy the delight of a well received gift, too.

These traditions will not be changed; however, instead of a plethora of gifts from us, the girls will each receive a gift from Santa and five gifts from us. This will be more than plenty.

This year we will also "adopt" a child or two who has been identified as "in need" by the Communties In Schools office at our local elementary school. We will never know the child personally, but the girls and I will attempt to help make the child's Christmas a good one.

Earlier this afternoon I was contacted by one of the interns at Communities in Schools. This is all the information she gave me:

The girl you will be helping is six years old. She listed two gifts that she would like: Sorry Sliders and Barbie Mariposa Magic Wings. Her shirt size is a 7, pants size, 6-7, shoe size 13, and underwear size 8. This is information I have on her. Thank you again for helping make her holiday brighter.

We will also take food to the local food bank.

It is my sincere hope that next year we will be able to adopt an entire family and the girls are on notice that in addition to Santa, they will only receive one gift from us.

I am encouraging the girls to think of ways for us to do more.

I am well pleased they are so willing to do so.

UPDATE: Once again I have had to close comments due to spam...

Posted by Christina at November 25, 2008 03:03 PM


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