June 18, 2005

An attempt...

to lighten the mood around here, as well as my own, I've been thinking of mother-in-law stories.

There has to be a reason mothers-in-law are so often the object of ridicule and countless jokes.

My children's paternal grandmother is many things. In addition to being a wildly creative artist with paint, she is a fabulous cook, hostess, and all things Southern.

While a lady, she has had her moments and when fired up is the queen of the one liner.

One evening, her second husband rushed home from work so they could go to a cocktail party, a party she knew he was not keen on attending.

The purveyor of most things bad and particularly untimely, Murphy was in command of the traffic situation on that day and he was late coming home; however, with haste they still had time to make the party.

The mother-in-law was not happy by the husband's tardiness and had already opened a bottle of red wine to calm her nerves prior to his arrival.

When he walked through the front door, she was standing naked at the top of the stairs with empty wine glass in hand.

As she descended those stairs toward him, hapless husband inquired: "Why aren't you dressed yet, honey?" and she responded in scathing fashion: "I would rather eat a cockroach than go anywhere with YOU."

Posted by Christina at June 18, 2005 12:53 PM


Ah, but did they make the party or not? The mn could always have tried grovelling

Posted by: silk at June 18, 2005 01:44 PM

Heh...she sound like she was quite a woman. This one has me grinning from ear to ear.

Posted by: Moogie at June 18, 2005 05:40 PM

Must have been some good wine to be able to wash down a cockroach.

Posted by: Dash at June 18, 2005 10:38 PM

He he! I think I will be chuckling about that one for the rest of the day!

Posted by: Oddybobo at June 20, 2005 08:21 AM

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