December 10, 2004


A couple of life's little luxuries that I afford myself are fresh linens on my bed a couple of times a week and an evening soak (if only for a few minutes) in my cast iron clawfoot bathtub.

I find I am more relaxed and sleep much better if I draw a hot bath and take a few minutes for me just before bed time.

Today, I felt I needed this little indulgence more than on most days. The weather was icky this afternoon. My normal one hour commute was doubled on the way home which meant it was well after dark by the time I picked up the girls.

Sweet One was fine, but Wee One was in a twist due to the upset in her normal routine. At the moment, she has issues with separation anxiety. Because I was later than normal, she thought I had abandoned her.

Histrionics in anyone is not fun. In a three year old, it's unbearable.

Fortunately, food does wonders to calm the frayed nerves of the girls in my household.

After Sweet One completed her homework and both girls had baths, they were dispatched to bed. With the new little kitten for company, I drew an exceptionally hot bath with some of my nicest oils.

I then put Chris Botti on the stereo, turned it up, lit a couple candles, dimmed the lights, and eased into the decadent warmth of the water. I didn't even care if my hair got wet, despite being pulled up high on my head. I let the water rise as high as I could get it which was chest high, leaned back, almost completely submerged, except for my head, and closed my eyes.

I listened to the music and felt the heat of the water seep into my tired and stessed muscles and slowly began to relax and unwind. I think I was even beginning to doze off a little.

In a nanosecond, my zen-like state was shattered by a splash, mewing howl, and dagger like pains in my chest. Completely startled and now bleeding I jumped up splashing water everywhere and held onto a writhing two-pound bundle of pissed wet fury!

Not content to sit on the stool at the far end of my bathtub with forefeet resting on the edge of the tub just as he has done every night since he came to our home, Voodoo decided tonight he would join me. Damn cat.

Posted by Christina at December 10, 2004 10:32 PM

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