December 09, 2004

Heads Up Guys

There are a lot of different kinds of women out there.

A few of my girlfriends are what I consider the high maintenance girly-girl types. You know the ones with perfect hair and make up, matching nails and lip stick. Those girls decked out at all times in the latest style.

I think these women are great. They have a certain way about them that cause a lot of men to gravitate toward them and want to do for them.

In return, these ladies are quick to give their beau's cutesy nicknames such as "sweetie pie baby, oh man of mine" and grace them with their presence.

Bless them, they are the ones for whom guys buy chocolate and flowers for first dates and every weekly or monthly anniversary of that first date after that.

More than once in my life, I have envied these women.

It should come as no great surprise to anyone visiting here, I am not one of these girly-girl types. I do enjoy looking my best, wearing nice clothes, and having my nails done on occasion; however, I have a much more practical approach to life and meeting my day to day responsibilities usually outweighs hours spent on hair, clothes, and nails. That's not to say I'm not presentable, just not drop-dead man-killer attractive.

With the rare exception of those women who are goddess perfect and still manage to handle a career, home and family, I think most women fall into the same category as I do. We are simply the ones who do. We do the best we can to make sure the people we love are well taken care of, regardless of what that entails.

Whether we are married or otherwise have men in our lives, if the water heater goes out, the hamster escapes and gets trapped in a wall or some other day ruining calamity strikes, we are the kind of women who just deal with it rather than have a huge melt-down and call you guys in sobbing hysterics.

We do not demand diamonds or other extravagant gifts on birthdays and anniversaries, or even Christmas.

What we want from you guys is something different.

We'd like to know that you thought about us today and that thought brought a smile to your face or a quiver to your heart.

A little of your time and attention goes a long way with us. Chocolate and flowers are both well and fine, but a kind word or thoughtful gesture really goes a lot farther. They let us know that we are not only cared for, but appreciated.

So, yes, I needed a hug today. Why do you ask?

Posted by Christina at December 9, 2004 10:41 PM

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