November 08, 2004

Future Criminal Defense Attorney

Well, I wasn't going to post about it. I thought people would pretty much be saturated with the daring tales of my Sweet One and Wee One; however, this is a special circumstance. It's either post about it and, hopefully, get it out of my system, or wage righteous hell on Wee One's back side.

Last week the weather finally began to cool off and act something like Fall around here. As a result, I began to think about pulling up the carcasses of my beloved rose bushes from the front beds. (Why carcasses you ask? That would be the subject on another post entirely. Suffice it to say, the vermin known as deer around these parts absolutely LOVE roses and rose bushes.)

Always one to assist in anything involving dirt and destruction, Wee One joined me in tearing up the flower beds. That lasted about fifteen minutes until she decided she had to go to the bathroom; however, prior to going inside, she turned and promised she would be Right back, Mommy.

In her absence, I merely continued my work, until enough time had passed (five minutes) that I decided I might need to check on the wayward three-year-old.

In those few short minutes, my miscreant raided Sweet One's room, absconded with her new lip gloss, and used it to write on the wall in the living room.

Wee One has been renamed Lil' Shit.

When I asked her why she did it and told her I knew she knew better, she told me: "But you said I couldn't use crayons on the wall... "

Yes, well, I did say no crayons, but I meant that to include other items such as markers, pens, finger paint, lipstick, LIP GLOSS, etc.

And, yes, that type of selective argument might well serve her well in the future as a criminal defense attorney…

But that doesn't help the living room wall. I tried to wash the lip gloss off, but I have egg shell type paint in there. Further, I've already used additional wall paint to touch up and try to hide her "art work," but it bleeds through. I now have Kilz on it to see if that works. I'm angrier now than I was when she did it. Hence, the need to post about it.

Lil' Shit is now six weeks from her fourth birthday. The odds are not looking good that she will actually make it…

Posted by Christina at November 8, 2004 10:39 PM

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