July 16, 2005

Girls, Girls, Girls

Notwithstanding the migraine saga, a couple weeks ago I promised Sweet One she could have a couple friends over to spend the night. One of the girls invited was someone she had met at camp in a city about an hour away.

This was a big deal to Sweet One and I did not want to disappoint anyone by canceling the sleepover. Additionally, I had yet to meet someone with whom my twelve-year old had made friends who was outside my sphere of influence. I was curious about the young lady and wanted to assess Sweet One's judgment. (On that note, I am pleased to convey the new friend is a delightful, bright, and responsible young lady!)

So, with vestiges remaining of a major headache, I had no less than four girls running around my house last night, two of which were mine. Pizzas were called in and I holed up in my room with Voodoo, smooth jazz playing quietly, and a couple of crossword puzzles to keep me company.

Lights out was called around 1:30 a.m.

By 2:00 a stern warning was issued to the effect: If I heard another peep, all three of the big girls would be placed in separate rooms for the remainder of the night.

By 10:30 the next morning, I finally managed to rouse the final sleepy head up and into a shower. Breakfast was skipped entirely and I decided to take the girls out for lunch at a Chinese restaurant.

The spry and ever-energized Wee One and I led the dragging stragglers through the parking lot and into the building. The Asian hostess looked at me and my blondish four year old and asked how many and how old. I told her one four year old, three twelve year olds, and me.

The hostess surveyed the girls: a black-haired, nearly black-eyed Sweet One (my clone), a true blonde-haired, blue-eyed new friend, the brown-haired, hazel-eyed best friend, and Wee One.

She then asked with a smile: "Are they all yours?"

Posted by Christina at July 16, 2005 04:46 PM

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aww! priceless. you said, "yes," right? or, "for the day, they are"?

as your blogdaughter, i add [strawberryisch] blonde hair and greenisch eyes to the mix.

Posted by: amelie at July 16, 2005 08:28 PM

Heh. Did anyone stick a bra in the freezer?

Just wondering if girls still do that......

Posted by: sadie at July 16, 2005 10:26 PM

Oh yes, Sadie--they still do! My 12-year old and her friends do the bra in the freezer, the whipped cream /shaving cream on the face, the makeup & nail polish on the sleeping brother (or step-dad!), and whatever else they can come up with! Little vandals!

Posted by: dustbunny101 at July 17, 2005 07:19 AM

Oooh - you're the cool mom!
: - )

Posted by: Kate at July 17, 2005 10:57 AM

Hmm sounds like you had "fun" Fiesty, hmm I love it "are they all yours?"..
Yes I'm fatting a few of them up for eatin' at christmas or thanks givin' (said with that certain accent you know the one I'm think about don't you)
Thank god we don't really have sleepovers here or if we did when I was younger I never got invited to any oh well maybe it was me ;) Have fun... Of course they do realise that "pay back" will have to happen do they..... I'm sure you can think of a few things! Is that an evil glint I see in your eye.

Posted by: Gopher at July 17, 2005 11:08 AM

Um, why bras in freezer?

Posted by: Nancy at July 18, 2005 12:52 PM

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