July 18, 2005

Ummm, ummm good!

There are many aspects of my life which closely resemble a three-ring circus.

First, there are the girls, most particularly Wee One.

Second, I am pleased to say the girls and I have a lot of good friends, including the parents of Sweet One's friends.

Third, my neighbors are fantastic.

Fourth, I have a reputation among my friends of being a pretty good cook and I enjoy entertaining.

What does all this mean?

Well, those anal planning genes of mine and the circumstances of our daily lives dictate I keep a pretty well-stocked pantry and freezer because I never know from one moment to the next who all will be at the door and invited by me to come in and stay for supper.

A week or so ago the parents of Sweet One's best friend stopped by to drop off their child. As we were visiting on the front porch, another couple stopped by to return some dishes (I sent a meal to them because the wife had broken her arm).

As darkness fell, I bade the husband of the second couple to fetch his guitar and serenade us on the back patio. Fortunately, he did.

A little while later, the next door neighbor let his dogs out, then joined us, as well.

By midnight, I had a houseful of children and a patio full of good friends. It was fabulous and completely unexpected.

A couple of my favorite impromptu appetizers to serve is a block of cream cheese covered with Jamaica's own Pickapeppa Sauce (distributed from a company in Metairie, Louisiana that is just outside of New Orleans) and a second block of cream cheese covered with Raspberry Chipotle Sauce. Add an assortment of crackers, cold beer, and other libations and it's a party!

Why has all this come to mind now?

{{Big Smile}}

I'm enjoying a bit of cream cheese and Raspberry Chipotle right at this very moment.

Damn. That's good stuff.

If you are wondering what is in it, here is a recipe; however, I usually buy mine from New Canaan Farms.

Posted by Christina at July 18, 2005 12:48 PM

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I've got to remember to eat something before I read your blog! You've always got some mouth watering recipe or talk about some delicious desert or appetizer....just when my fridge is empty.

Of course, now I'm craving cream cheese and Raspberry Chipotle!

Must go to the store and stock up so I can continue to read your blog in the future!


Posted by: Dogsdontpurr at July 18, 2005 01:45 PM

Not even sure what raspberry chipotle is, but I want some.

Posted by: Nettie at July 18, 2005 02:20 PM

Sounds like my kind of "do". Aren't friends and neighbors one of the joys in life!

Posted by: Junebugg at July 18, 2005 02:39 PM

Mmm... I love raspberry chipotle with cream cheese! Sounds like your impromptu gathering was a blast! I love having a house that is open like that! I wanna live in your neighborhood! ;-)

Posted by: Jenn at July 18, 2005 05:11 PM

Those 'unexpected' parties are usually the best. And, that Pickapeppa sauce sounds YUMMY! I just might hafta order a bottle or two.

Posted by: Pammy at July 18, 2005 06:05 PM

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