August 14, 2006

The Sins Of The Father

He crawled into bed next to her, and spooned against her bare backside, his face at her ear, his hardness pressing urgently against her butt. "I love you," he whispered. It had been a long week, and he had neglected her needs. Each and every time she had approached him to discuss her day, he'd had to wave her off, or cut her short. It wasn't that he hadn't wanted to talk to her, to share in her day, because he had. Business was business, and it would always come first.

She knew that going into their relationship. She reaped the benefits of that every day, from the sprawling house, to her daily shopping excursions, to the three carat diamond that sat on her delicate finger. Without him, she would still be waiting tables and struggling to pay rent on that roach-infested apartment. She had been a pretty girl, but he had made her the beautiful woman she is today.

He kissed her ear softly, nibbled on her shoulder, knowing she would soften to him eventually, that her tense muscles would relax, and he would be forgiven, at least until tomorrow, when she discovered he had booked that trip to Rome. He’d promised her they would spend their third anniversary together, having spent the previous two closing deals on another continent, but this deal was too important to take a back seat to frivolous sentimentality.

His fingers went from her arm to her breast, and he smiled when he heard her breath quickening. Leaving her breast, his fingers glided across her stomach and hip, to the full roundness of her butt, and between her thighs. If there were two things he knew best, it was his business, and how to please the woman who shared his bed. Under normal circumstance, he would take his time, but not tonight. Tonight he needed to satisfy his urges and return to his desk to check on the progress of things in Rome. Everything hinged on it.

Finished with her, his needs satiated, he kissed her ear softly, told her he loved her, and left the room without remorse, confident he could once again sweet talk his way into her graces when he returned with the right combination of diamonds and wine.

She rolled, and watched him leave the room. She should have known he would have wanted it that way. When his mind was on business, he only took her that way, knowing it would be quick. She turned to the open french doors, where her lover waited on the veranda in the shadows. She knew the moment he saw the office lights he would join her, and she laid back on the bed, touching herself in anticipation, her eyes closed.

She felt his weight on the bed and smiled. He kissed her stomach before eagerly slipping between her legs. She moaned, and entwined her delicate fingers in his jet black hair, pulling his lips to her own. He has hair like his father, she thought as she let herself enjoy the way he made her feel.

He'd never been with such a beautiful woman, and he was obsessed with her, would do anything to please her, especially if that meant taking from his father. He hated the man, despised him for the way he tossed his mother to the curb when her figure was no longer suitable for a trophy wife and her addiction to drugs and alcohol was more of a burden than keeping her quiet was worth.

He'd promised her five years ago, as he stood at her grave, that he would do everything within his power to ruin the man who'd driven her to her death. Now, as a grown man, fully immersed in his father's business dealings and fucking his father's pretty young wife, he was on the verge of fulfilling that promise.

“Tomorrow,” he whispered in her ear, “it happens tomorrow.”

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Are you going to continue this story? I sure hope so!

Posted by: Miss Cellania at August 14, 2006 06:58 PM

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