July 29, 2005

Carnival of the Recipes!!

This week we have an amazing array of delightful and delectable dishes. Lord knows I've gained several pounds just reading through these.

Many thanks to the mastermind behind this successful endeavor, Beth Donovan.


Martin over at EGO has a serious licorice lover's drink to share: Licorice Candy Shot. Hey, I'll try anything once! However, before you start knocking those back, he has a few words about Hilary and gaming.


Sole anyone? The attractive and smart Mensa Barbie has submitted a delectable recipe for Poissons d'Rosemary. She is also interested in Chinese Women Astronauts.

There are hot wings, there are buffalo wings, and now there are the world's greatest wings, korean style care of Bothenook of Geezer's Corner. Hmm, I wonder if his post on submarine officer in deep kimchee is also food related...

From Korean hot wings to chicken wings by Jeff of Trub. The sediment of life. Jeff tells the tale of a froggy casualty. I'm just glad he did not submit that frog-leg recipe... Sorry, Jeff, I couldn't resist.

Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea has an interesting recipe with lovely photos of Tea Eggs. Not only does this blogger have a taste for the gourmet, she has an artistic eye with Watercolor Coffee.

Ummmm, can you say "Crab Cakes and Lemon Dill Sauce?" WillyShake of Unconsidered Trifles certainly can. He can also say: "Bigfoot."


There is nothing in this world like great pesto. Practigal shares her mouth-watering version. A gifted woman, she also tells us about embracing her inner rocker!

According to Jordana of Curmudgeonry, attack of the killer tomatoes results in a Killer Spaghetti Sauce! She also asks the question I've always wanted to know: Are minivans emasculating?

The Technogypsy known as Kevin offers some outstanding sauces for grilling and pasta. I can't wait to try these out! While you are over there, perhaps you can help Kevin with a question he has about underwear...

In a galaxy far, far away they had light sabers and Obi Wan sauce, at least a sweet and spicy tomato-based sauce Brian B of Memento Moron uses to slather on the wonderful meats he cooks in his very own R2D2 smoker. He also mentions a certain beer that sounds very interesting.


There are sandwiches and then there are sandwiches. Booklore shows us (with picture) what happens when a sandwich evolves into the SAMMICH. Now THAT's a meal! If you have not visited Booklore, there are many, many, great book reviews.

A Weight Lifted has the right idea with this Garganelli with Prosciutto and Arugula: dine al fresco. I'm delighted to have found this blog because there's a lot to be said about Health at Every Size.

No higher praise from a four-year-old than Splendiferous. That is exactly what Sun Comprehending Glass' Taleena's child said when she prepared her Chicken Burritos! In addition to a great cook, Taleena is also a deep thinker. Be sure to read her Education and Big Government.

Kevin of Seriously Good gives us a recipe for Chicken Picata with a picture that looks, well, seriously good. He also gives us 50 ways to love our food!

David of Third World Country submits Chill out with Chicken Chili which is actually a "White" chicken chili. It looks fabulous. He also has some interesting thoughts on Judge Roberts' nomination.

The lovely ALa of Blonde Sagacity has two gorgeous pictures posted, one of her and one of her Spinach-Pimento Chicken. With her ACLU post, it is very clear she's been graced with smarts, as well as looks.

Pesto and sauce on fresh pizza dough, The Head Girl of The Common Room puts it all together for a pizza to knock your socks off (at least it did mine!). In addition to great food, The Head Girl also has some good book recommendations.

gEye of The Glittering Eye has shared his grandfather's Coney Island Spaghetti! Oh, my, it looks fabulous. While you are over there, be sure to check out an interesting post he has discussing immigration.

The Countertop Chronicles has arrested my attention with Grilled Raspberry Pork Loins. I can also relate to this post.

My buddy Elisson (and would be NOLA blogmeet attendee) of Blog d'Elisson swaps fancy for damn tasty with Chicken-in-a-Pot in the Style of She Who Must Be Obeyed. With a name like that, how could he possibly go wrong?? Elisson makes a Tasteful Observation.

David of Daily Pundit wows us with Baked Penne Pasta with Veal and Basil. He promises it is simple and takes forty-five minutes to prepare. I'll take him up on that! As if drooling over his recipe were not enough, he has to post this, too.

I love the name Duke and here he is of Pekin Prattles with his own "Almost Famous" Baby Back Ribs. Duke also shares some interesting insight as a National Staff Officer, United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.


Shawn of Everything and Nothing proves she has the mind of a lawyer with her Roasted Vegetable Lasagna. She also has an interesting eye for architecture.

As Annamarie of bunny? says her Hungarian Turos Csusza (Cottage Cheese Pasta) is not for the faint-hearted. She also has one word to describe men home brewing beer in a kitchen: fascinating.


My good friend Moogie of Moogie's World is sharing an extra-special family recipe for Rolled Oats Cake. It's a favorite of her family's for birthdays. Miss Moogie is a riot, especially when she vents about emails.

George of In the Interest of Me is a man definitely after my own heart. He speaks of Candy Icings, specifically, Marshmallow Icing and Fudge Icing. Oh, my! George is also pondering the need for architects to add a few initials after their names. Not a bad idea.


VW of One Happy Dog Speaks threw me a curve ball this time around. It would appear she is the grim reaper for the bug world. These are NOT to be served at parties, even if your ex or your mother-in-law is attending. Do not let her mercilessness regarding bugs throw you, she's a really fine mother and lady. After all, Tator and Tot are still with us!

And, that's it folks, another fantastic week of recipes!

If, if, if I have managed to miss someone, please let me know.

If anyone would like submit recipes for next week's carnival, feel free to do so by sending an email to recipe(dot)carnival(at)gmail(dot)com.

UPDATE: Trackbacks were hit or miss. I'll continue trying to ping those I have not been able to. My apologies to others for the multiple pings.

Posted by Christina at July 29, 2005 07:06 AM

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well, sh*t, I forgot AGAIN this week to submit a recipe,,,must be the new glasses, yeah that's it!

Posted by: Michele at July 29, 2005 10:52 AM

Looks good. Thanks

I tried to send a trackback ping, but it kept giving me a rejection error.

Posted by: countertop at July 29, 2005 11:15 AM

For some reason my trackback isn't working. You did a great job!

Posted by: VW Bug at July 29, 2005 11:17 AM

I forgot all about the carnival this week, lots of goodies, fantastic set up....

Posted by: ArmyWifeToddlerMom at July 29, 2005 10:21 PM

Thanks for the link!

Posted by: WillyShake at July 30, 2005 06:02 AM

Holy crap, what a linkfest. I am impressed.

Posted by: Key at August 1, 2005 06:02 PM

Thank you so much for the sweet way you hosted this carnival, & the wonderful visitors! (^_^)

Posted by: mensa B at August 3, 2005 04:22 PM

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