July 30, 2005

For Sam

Wish you were here!

For Sam.jpg

Posted by Christina at July 30, 2005 09:51 AM

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Tracked on August 1, 2005 10:51 AM


Don't tease me like that!!!!


Posted by: Sam at July 30, 2005 11:06 AM

don't tease the rest of us like that either! i want a slice ; )

Posted by: amelie at July 30, 2005 11:29 AM

Aw hell... that just ain't fair!

Posted by: That 1 Guy at July 30, 2005 11:33 AM

That looks good!!!! Is it Barbie friendly?

Posted by: Barbie at July 30, 2005 11:39 AM

That does look yummy! I bet I could make that cake Barbie and Olivia friendly.

Posted by: Kate at July 30, 2005 06:54 PM

I haven't started eating on my Diabetic diet yet, send a slice to me here at work. I'll fight off the guys long enough to gobble it down. Glad Wee One's OK.

Posted by: Junebugg at July 30, 2005 08:04 PM

Dayum....you are a tease as well!

Posted by: sadie at July 31, 2005 04:24 AM

Just drooled all over my keyboard and getting odd looks as I lick my screen..

That just looks so good :o)

Posted by: Nugget at July 31, 2005 08:49 AM

So where are all the NOLO pics of you, Chrissy?

Posted by: WitNit at July 31, 2005 10:03 AM

darn it fiesty that do look good, it's gopher friendly I hope :)

Posted by: Gopher at July 31, 2005 05:13 PM

Nola contende?


Posted by: sadie at August 1, 2005 04:00 AM

Oh man...that looks WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Moogie at August 1, 2005 11:15 AM

That cake was good, Sam.

Posted by: Dash at August 1, 2005 11:18 AM


Posted by: Sam at August 1, 2005 12:43 PM

Blood sugar up 50 points just from lookin' at it! Whoooo-eeeee!

Posted by: Elisson at August 5, 2005 01:57 PM

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